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The Noel Diary: ‘Tis the Season

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Movies

I’m getting into Christmas movies for the first time in my life. I think it all started with the For Colored Nerds “Lifetime’s Black Christmas” podcast about the Lifetime network’s holiday films and how they’re incorporating BIPOC, multicultural, and LGBTQ storylines in their lineup. Or maybe it started with the Dash and Lily series dropping on Netflix in the winter of 2020. Anyway, this is the year that I’m checking into the winter holiday movie mania.

The Noel Diary showed up on my Netflix queue and as soon as I saw Justin Hartley I was like yeah, I’m checking this out, if only for him.

And, yes, I know he’s on the mega popular show This Is Us that I haven’t watched yet cause I don’t want to cry all the time and I already just finished Queen Sugar. I’ve had a thing for Justin Hartley since he blew into Smallville as Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow.

Justin Hartley’s a natural leading man for a romance. He makes it look so effortless. Watching him in this movie could get someone believing that a handsome, charming, down-to-earth man could drop into their life at ANY MOMENT NOW.

Now I understand the appeal of these Christmas romance movies. The small town coziness, the winter settings, the lights, the expectation that magic is about to happen.

Tropes happening in this movie include the road trip, getting stuck in a snow storm, two people one bed, engaged to the wrong person, family reconciliation, and lost letters.

Oh, and did I mention the protagonist, Jake Turner, is a dog owner and a novelist? Good with people AND with words? Extra swoon. He has a vintage typewriter. And Bob Dylan’s Chronicles. And get this. He listens to Nina Simone records. Like, seriously. Cue entrance of a Black woman to come shake up his life.

Because, interracial romance. This movie has that, too. Is that a trope? A key word? Anyway, this winter holiday movie features an interracial romance, so, here for it.

The Noel Diary’s getting added to my annual winter holiday rewatch list. Right up there with Eyes Wide Shut and the “A Midwinter’s Tale” episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

I like dark and sexy, what can I say?

Did I mention I’m just starting this cozy winter holiday movie tradition?

What’s on your winter viewing list?



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