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NaNoWriMo “Inspired By” Character Look Book

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Writing

For NaNoWriMo this year, I’m working on a new(ish) project. It’s ménage erotic romance between two musicians and their photo-videographer.

As I’m working I’m putting together a look book of things that remind me of people, scenes, and moods in the story.

It can be tricky saying “my character looks like this actor” because there are subtle and significant differences between what I see in my mind and what a particular real life person looks like. I imagine it’s that way for other readers, too. For example, I think Edward and Bella were really well cast in the Twilight movies, yet I still see them in my mind a little differently when I read the books.

For the actors that I think look kind of like my characters, or inspired my characters, it’s really more like, of all the people I can think of these actors share traits with what my characters. Or there’s something about what they bring to their public face or roles they play that have a similar energy to what I’m building in my story leads.

My “inspired by’s“ for my lead characters

My leading lady:

DeWanda Wise

Common characteristics: Her hair, her skin tone, the piercing quality of her eyes, her gorgeous smile.

This image from the She’s Gotta Have It Instagram account evokes how my protagonist goes into another world when she’s behind her camera:

My male lead number 1:

Shawn Mendes

Common characteristics: His height, the way he dresses and carries himself, his being a lead singer songwriter and guitarist.

Mv male lead number 2:

Anthony Ramos

Common characteristics: his long curly hair, his boyish charm, his energy.

Do you picture certain actors or models to give you a frame of reference for characters, whether you’re writing them or reading them? Do you create look books for your projects? Let me know in the comments or on social!


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